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The Inside

8/4/08 12:42 am

i've moved


7/11/08 05:44 pm - One year later

Still alive, getting on with it...



12/5/06 01:09 pm - Just a quick one...

Not much to update on really, still not found a new job, so i'm broke, found out today that i'm being kicked out of my flat as of the 1st january, and sunday night i got arrested... go me...

9/17/06 11:05 pm


U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday

9/10/06 02:08 pm

hello, well tis a sunday, and my hangover has finally cleared up. (thank you Stella Artois).

Anywho.. something of an update is needed i guess, cause i'm still getting emails from people asking if i'm still alive coz i'm never online anymore. yes, there's still still blood pumping through these old veins of mine, i just don't have anby internet access in the flat, unless i'm over my friends house (like now).

yea, well... how is everybody? lol

8/29/06 12:08 am

8/28/06 05:45 pm - oops

Well, as you can all probably see by my user pic, there was an incident. One that involved myself, peroxide, alcohol and Lisa.

Egads I've become blonde!

At least it's better than the day-glo orange it was yesterday and Saturday.


7/17/06 10:06 pm - Update I guess

Hey, yea this journal has become neglected.

What's new? Well I'm going to be looking for a new job pretty soon, as I think it's REALLY unfair that I've had to book holidays due to the fact my grandmother passed away this morning. And they wouldn't give me compassion leave because they're understaffed. Fuck em. I'm looking for a new job.

There's about 300 things pissing me off at the moment, therefore I'm not writing anymore as I'll be here all night


5/10/06 12:28 am - Life Update

I think I've upset someone I care about. Look, you know who you are, I'm not mentioning names, but please, I'm sorry.

Dun know what else to say...

5/3/06 09:46 pm - My love for music... It HAS returned

Yes, after many disappointing buys lately, there is a light. A beautiful, perfect light that now radiates from my CD player at an alarming volume, with the bass nearly shattering my teeth. The name of this light I hear you say? Well, it's none other than "10,000 Days" by the masters of alt. Metal TOOL. God fucking bless them, after a 5 year absence from anything new (apart from A Perfect Circle who I love anyway).

1 hour, 15 minutes and 50 seconds of pure genius... The entire album is so amazing from start to finish, I really didn't want the album to end. But it did, so I'm going to put it on again.

If you're a APC fan, or a Tool fan... Just... Well... Bloody buy this album.


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