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che_ger's Journal

The Inside

5 January 1985
Names Ger, or Gez whichever takes your fancy at the time. A nobody living in one of the shittiest places on mother earth, Rhondda (soon as I can afford to move... I'm so out of here)

I'm a huge tattoo / body piercing fan and I'm slowly getting the amount I want (currently i have 8 tattos and 11 piercings). I'm not a winter person, oh no no no. I hate the cold, but love the snow, weird yes, fun yes, warm no.

Used to sing in a band MANY, MANY moons ago, never really took off due to everyone's personal needs (school / college etc.) Music is one of my loves, I can never be without my MP3 player, not on public transport or anytime really.

I collect numerous things, crap mainly, but I will admit I treasure my comic collection, my crappy attempt at a (forever getting larger) DVD collection.

I will forever plug CAD and Alp